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I Heart Minka Kelly

Community for Minka Kelly Fans.

I <3 Minka Kelly.
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Welcome to I Heart Minka. This is currently the most active community for the wonderful and gorgeous actress Minka Kelly of NBC's Friday Night Lights. This is a place for all media news, graphics, and all other media forms of Minka love.


1. Please no offensive or rude posts. You will be removed from the community.
2. The Post must be Minka related, Friday Night Lights related is also accepted. Please do not make it a filler or non-purposeful post.
3. Spoilers must be marked as such!
4. Large posts including art and icons must be behind lj cuts.
5. Enjoy yourself!


I am not Minka Kelly, and I do not have any connections whatsoever to her or NBC.

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